MIT Discovery Slashes Utility Bills Up To 65%

What Is Backyard Revolution?

Backyard Revolution is the new DIY solar project tens of thousands of people around the World are scrambling to build. The three-dimensional, vertically-stacked solar array is, truly, groundbreaking for the solar industry (no pun intended). The design itself is based on a study first published by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) back in 2012.

You see, conventional solar panels waste anywhere from 85% to 95% of the energy they recieve from the sun. It’s a well-known fact that the “solar scientists” can’t overcome. That is, until now.

By Stacking Our Solar Panels One On Top Of Eachother In An Alternating Zig-Zag Pattern We’re Able To DOUBLE The Electrical Output In A Given Area

MIT said so themselves in their findings, and we’ve been able to PROVE it by building these “DIY Solar Generators” time and time again for ourselves and our friends.

And now, we’re ready to teach others how to build it themselves using common household tools, a couple bucks worth of materials, and just a few hours of time.

ANYBODY Can Build This Solar Generator. Even If They Have ZERO DIY Experience

In fact, most of the 10,000+ people who already HAVE built this had never picked up a hammer before, much less BUILT something with it. But we’ve made the instructions so point-and-click easy that even THEY were able to follow along. But before we get into that, we want to first give you a better idea of what exactly what it can do and why (especially in 2020) it is a GREAT idea to invest your time into building something like this. So stick with us and buckle up, because we’re about to feed you a TON of information FAST.


What Can Backyard Revolution Do?

Backyard Revolution is capable of charging phones, powering appliances, power tools, pool pumps, patio lights, televisions…almost ANY common household tool we use on a daily basis. Basically anything that runs on electricity, Backyard Revolution is there to help power it.

Backyard Revolution can also charge larger car batteries, or even hardcore battery banks, to make it so that you have a source of portable, endlessly renewable, and FREE electricity to use and carry around with as you please.

And, because the design is so small (just 4 square feet) it’s PORTABLE. Pick Backyard Revolution up and take it camping, fishing or, in an emergency situation, toss it in the back of a car or truck and away you go.

No waiting, no lugging around huge generators and, most importantly, no reliance on fossil fuels. When the fuel runs dry, so do those generators. This will continue to run even if it is cloudy.

How is this possible? Well, again, it ALL comes back to the zig-zag pattern. Just take a look at what MIT themselves said about the efficiency of this design in cloudy and/or colder environments. 

We’ve referenced the article a few times now, so we’ll make sure to publish the full article below… but isn’t that AWESOME!? 2x to 20x MORE power output than flat panels in the same base area. Which means if you have 1 sqaure foot of flat panels and 1 sqaure foot of this, this would generate up to 20x MORE power. 

And, best of all, this design requires almost ZERO maintenance. Past DIY’ers who have gone ahead and built Backyard Revolution report not having to perform ANY real maintenance on the unit, despite it being left out in the sun, rain, or even snow all day.

Best Of All, You Can Hook It Right Into Your Home

Our plans include full instructions detailing EXACTLY how you can hook Backyard Revolution into your home’s power system to cut energy costs. Low to medium-usage households report as much as a 65% reduction in their electricity bill during the Spring months. This translates to hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of dollars in potential savings over the lifetime of the unit. However, we do want to stress, that is you have ZERO electrical experience, that you ask for some help tying the unit into your home. Although the plans do feature exact instructions playing with a home circuit breaker could be deadly, so it’s best to ask a professional for 10 minutes of their time (because that’s all it should take).

This Is A Smart Investment To Make In 2020 And Beyond

Constant power outages from aging power grids, fuel shortages and, more recently, pandemics have shook most our communities the core. These events have TRULY made us realize just how fragile our lives can be. Backyard Revolution alleviates one of the worst things we experience–no power. As we’ve said, and as you now know, this is THE most compact, portable, and powerful solar generator on the market today—bar none. 

Having Backyard Revolution built up and generating electricity outside should provide you with some extra peace of mind knowing that, should the worst happen, you and your family will have an endlessly renewable source of free electricity to power whatever you need. That’s an extra layer of comfort and protection others just WON’T have (but WISH they did).

Look, power grids are becoming less reliable every single day. Utility companies are constantly raising their bills. Solar companies are getting away with highway ROBBERY charging 10, 20, $30,000+ plus for a flat panel system which is, as we’ve learned, LESS efficient than our design and, as we all see on the news, the World we’re all forced to live in is, quite frankly, going to heck in a handbasket. 

We’re not trying to be fearmongers, we’re just trying to keep it real. 

If you are interested in taking the first step to protecting yourself and your family from power outages, and making sure you all have a source of endlessly renewable, FREE electricity to however you wish, then click order now below. 

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Again, you DON’T have to be a DIY expert to build this and you DON’T need any specialized tools. Click below to order your plans now!